Teen suicide and Cruelty in the Media

By Dennis Matthews

Every week we hear of another case of a young person committing suicide because of bullying at school, or on the internet. The all important Facebook post seems to have become the favorite place to exercise this particular form of digital cruelty. It does not help that the adults in the media are practicing the same form of cruelty on every new cast, entertainment show, and gossip website. Politics seems to be practicing a particularly malignant form of cruelty. But we’re all a little cruel, aren’t we?

Cruelty does not escape even the most loving mothers. When a mother is tense and tired, many times, she lets her child cry for milk for some time,  ignoring the cries. The child does not understand any of his or her mother’s problems, but only wants to be fed. It is not the child’s mistake, but he or she is hurt. Why? There are husbands knowingly not trying to help their wives in household chores or wives knowing all about husband’s career problems and still blaming him for small mistakes. Children being targeted for a physical attribute; size, shape, color, sexual orientation, we know this is not a new phenomenon. Are all these not parts of a cruel nature?

Companies not responding immediately to consumer’s problems, consumers hammering the companies for smallest faults, lawsuits being filed for trivial matters, students made to over-achieve in the schools to get higher marks at the cost of their childhood, politicians accusing each other of crimes they never committed, and so many other such instances that can be cited to prove that somewhere in our life, we begin losing our compassion. Sadly, in most of the cases, we are not aware of our cruelty. We become aware of it only when we are targeted. Don’t you agree that the world is slowly becoming a cruel world?

Is it not playing out before our very eyes in almost every form of media that we consume? Are not our children showing the symptoms of the mental and emotional abuse that this constant barrage of cruelty inevitably causes? Won’t there be permanent scars? If you kick a dog every day, won’t the dog be afraid of your foot every time he sees you walk near him? We react in much the same way as animals; except we have the power to exact vengeance on a world we believe has cruelly mistreated us; Jared Lee Loughner, James Eagan Holmes, Adam Lanza etc. We should all try to be more aware of our treatment of our fellow human-beings and fight the temptation to be cruel to one another.


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