There must be something in the water: Usain Bolt

By Dennis Matthews

Trelawny Parish Jamaica, is Jamaica’s fifth largest parish, but it has a produced a world champion in the sport of International Track and Field. Usain Bolt. I know, I know, this is nothing new. Usain Bolt has been around for a while now, wowing people with his speed, and sometimes over-the-top personality, but considering that we live in a media world of reality TV and world global chaos, it’s good to hear of someone accomplishing something positive for a change.

The “fastest man alive” as he has been called, is quite a title.  In a world where we are bombarded with negative coverage from around the world on a non-stop basis, we need to hear stories that are uplifting and positive, to lower our anxiety and stress level, and restore our faith, that not all young men are engaged in drugs, crime, and general thuggishness. Jamaica has many problems not the lease of which is youth unemployment, which in 2012 was estimated to be at about 32.2% which is a contributing factor in the violence and gang activity which has plagued the Island nation in the last couple of years. I’ve been to Jamaica many times, and the beauty of the island, it’s beaches, it’s resorts, and last but not least it’s people, has always touched me in a positive way, and stayed with me when I return home to the US.

This news hopefully brings attention to some of the problems Jamaica is experiencing lately with the horrendous violence against the LGBT community, in particular the murder of Dwayne Jones, a Transgender Teen in Montego Bay.  Usain Bolt is a bright light of hope for Jamaica and the world, that maybe through his amazing talent we can look to the good and capable parts of ourselves, and dream of what we might accomplish in our own lives.Image


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